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Fix PDF Loading Issue with PDF Compression
Fix PDF Loading Issue with PDF Compression

Optimize your PDF files

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When you share PDFs on Digify, you want your recipients and guests to access them quickly and easily. Digify has introduced the PDF Linearization feature, which enhances the speed for web viewing. However, compatibility issues with certain PDFs can lead to loading troubles across various browsers. This article delves into the concept of linearization, explores the use of PDF compression to address these concerns, and provides a step-by-step guide to fix loading issues.

Understanding PDF Linearization:

PDF linearization, or "fast web view," optimizes a PDF file's structure for incremental rendering. Traditional PDFs necessitate loading the entire document before rendering begins, causing slower loading times, especially online. Linearization restructures the file, streamlining the loading process and making it more efficient.

However, due to the diverse nature of PDF, linearizing some variations of PDF files can cause loading issues for certain recipients or when accessed through certain web browsers.

Exploring PDF Compression:

PDF compression acts as a smart repackaging mechanism, reducing file size without sacrificing content.

  • Restructuring the PDF: Transform the PDF into a standardized format

  • Faster Loading: Compressed PDFs load faster, even when the internet is slow.

  • Keeping Quality: Compression doesn't mess up your PDF's important stuff, like text and images.

  • Optimized for Online: Compressing the PDF also rearranges it to work better online.

Utilizing PDF Compression to fix loading issues:

  1. Download the Original PDF: Begin with the original PDF file.

  2. Compress the File: Use a tool like Adobe PDF compressor to compress the PDF file

  3. Replace the File on Digify: Replace the original file with the compressed version on the Digify platform.

  4. Verification: Preview the file on Digify to confirm successful loading.

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