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Why Admins Cannot See the Contents of Members’ Data Rooms and Files
Why Admins Cannot See the Contents of Members’ Data Rooms and Files

Contents within Members' Data rooms and files

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In the digital age, data security and privacy have become paramount concerns for individuals and organizations. At Digify, the role of an admin is pivotal in managing access of all team members of the platform. However, questions often arise about why admins can’t access all the files and data rooms of their team members. While it’s possible for admins to view statistics and file names in the admin panel (link), they are unable to view the contents of these files or data rooms. This article aims to explain the reasons behind this restriction and suggest an appropriate solution if you, as an admin, need to access the contents of a specific data room.

Prioritizing Security and Data Privacy

The primary reason for restricting admin access to the contents of members’ data rooms and files is to ensure utmost security and data privacy. This safeguard is designed to avert a potential “rogue admin” situation, thereby preserving the integrity of sensitive data.

A “rogue admin” refers to an administrator who misuses their privileged access for unauthorized or malicious purposes. This could encompass unauthorized viewing and sharing of sensitive information, altering or deleting critical data, and many other detrimental actions that could significantly compromise the data security and integrity of the team or organization.

Digify consistently prioritizes data security and privacy. Our platform frequently handles highly confidential documents, access to which would be inappropriate, and potentially unlawful, for a typical admin.

Furthermore, Digify currently does not provide a mechanism for data room owners to detect if their files have been accessed or viewed by an admin. This gap in transparency could potentially erode trust within your team and breach privacy norms.

The Solution: Co-ownership

Should you require access to a particular file or data room in your capacity as an admin, we suggest that you request the team member who owns the data room to grant you co-ownership. By becoming a co-owner, the data room owner is aware of your access and can control the permissions you have over their files.

This procedure supports the principle of least privilege, a fundamental tenet of cybersecurity, which advocates for granting users only those accesses necessary to perform their roles.

To learn how to view stats and file names as an admin, please consult our guide.

In summary, the policy that prevents admins from viewing the contents of members’ data rooms and files is a deliberate strategy to protect sensitive data on Digify. We are committed to balancing the need for administrative oversight with the need for individual privacy and data security

Please remember, our support team is always available to assist if you have any queries or concerns.

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