Before sending a file, you can decide whether or not to allow your recipient to download or print your file. You can control download and print permissions for the following file formats:

  • PDF
  • Images
  • MS Office
  • Videos (Allow/restrict download only)

Download or print permissions are available for Pro, Team, and Enterprise. 

How To Control Download or Print Permissions

In the Send Files section,

  1. Select a file to share.
  2. Set Access settings.
  3. In Permissions, select download permission.
  • If Allow download is selected, print is automatically allowed. 
  • If No download is selected, determine print permission.

   4. Determine print permission.

  • No print restricts your recipient from printing the file you shared. 
  • Allow print lets your recipient print your file as many times as they want. 

       By default, there’s no limit on the number of copies your recipient is allowed to print. Set a number if you wish to limit the number of copies allowed to print. 

Note: Allow print options will also allow recipient to save the file as PDF while printing. For added protection, you can add watermarks to your file.

   5. Continue selecting your other preferred security settings and click Send when ready.

If you are using the Data Rooms section, you can create your data room first and set download and print permissions in the data room settings.

Digify does not support offline viewing. Files that are downloaded or printed can no longer be protected by Digify.

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