Team Admins can invite or remove members to or from a team anytime via the Account Menu > Team Settings.

Inviting New Members To Your Team

Under the Team Settings, 

  1. Go to the Members tab > Invite.

   2. Enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite. One email address at a time.

   3. Select whether you want the invitee to join as a Member or as an Admin.

   4. Click Invite to send.

Invited team members will be added to the Pending Invites, where you can find the option to resend or revoke an invitation. Send this guide to your invited members to help them get started.

Once new team members or admins accept your invitation, they will be added to the List tab. In this tab, you can see your member’s usage and access level.

The number of team members you can invite depends on the number of users included in your plan. If you wish to increase your user count, you can do so by going to Admin tab > Billing

If you need help inviting a large group of coworkers, please contact us.

Removing Members From Your Team

You can find all the existing team members and admins under Team Settings > Member > List. In this tab, you will also see your member’s usage and access level. As a team admin, you also have an option to reset their password.

To remove members or other admins from your team, 

  1. Look for the member or admin that you want to remove from the list
  2. Click on the delete icon (x) to remove the member

Note that you can delete accounts of members or fellow admins but you will not be able to delete yourself.

If you want to remove yourself from the team where you are an admin, you will have to invite a new team admin first. The other team admin can then remove you from the team.

Deleted accounts will be removed from the team and reassigned to the free plan. If you deleted a team member’s account by mistake, you can re-invite them and they will be added back to the list as soon as they accept your invitation.

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