Data room statistics and activity log are powerful tools to track activities and gather insights in your data room. This feature is available to data room owners and co-owners for Team, and Enterprise plans.

Data Room Statistics

Upon selecting a data room, click View Data Room Statistics on the upper right-hand corner of your browser. 

1. Visitor Statistics will provide you activity information about those you have invited to access your data room:

  •  Visits will show you a snapshot of invited users who have and have not visited your data room. 

       TIP: You can easily remind invited users who haven’t visited your data room yet. To resend an invitation email, click Not Visited > Send reminder to all.

  • Frequency will show you the top visitors of your data room. 

  • Duration will show you which visitors have accessed your data room the longest. 

  • Details will give you per-user information about the following:

               * Timeline of activities - by clicking on the arrow beside the name of your data room visitor.
               * Last visit
               * Visit count
               * Length of visit

2. Top Files will show you the list of files according to number of views, prints, and downloads.

You can also view per-file data by hovering over a file and by clicking its number of views. 

Data Room Log

Data room log contain the following information:

  • File name and ID

  • Data and time of activity

  • Recipient's name, email address, and IP address

  • Action taken

To get your data room logs, click More options > click Export Activity Log.

The data room log in .CSV format will be sent in your email. 

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