The data room statistics and activity log are powerful tools to track activities and gather insights for your data room. This feature is available to data room owners and co-owners for the Pro, Team, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Data Room Statistics

To access a single file statistics for documents in your data room,

  1. Select the data room and go to the specific document.

  2. Then, click on the Statistics button.

To access your full data room statistics, click on the Statistics tab from the top-right hand corner upon selecting a data room.

  1. The Overview page will provide a summary of your data room statistics.

2. The All tab will show you a snapshot of all the invited data room guests for your data room.

3. The Visited tab will show you a snapshot of invited guests who have visited your data room.

  • In the All and Visited pages, you will see the per-user information about the following:

    • Timeline of activities - by clicking on the arrow beside the name of your data room visitor.

    • Last Visit - The date of the last visit for the specific guest.

    • Visits - The number of times to which each visitor has visited your data room.

    • Duration - The length of which your visitors have visited your data room.

4. The Not Visited tab will show you a snapshot of invited guests who have not visited your data room.

PRO TIP: You can easily remind invited users who haven’t visited your data room yet.

  • To resend an invitation email to all, click the Send reminder to all link.

  • To resend an invitation email to a specific guest, hover over the guest, select the Send Reminder link.

    5. The Top Views, Top Prints, and Top Downloads pages will show you the list of files according to the number of views, prints, and downloads, respectively.

    6. You can also view per-file data by hovering over a file and by clicking its number of views or select the View details link.

    Data Room Log
    The data room log contains the following information:

    • File name and ID

    • Data and time of activity

    • Recipient's name, email address, and IP address

    • Action taken

    To get your data room logs, click the Settings tab on the top-right hand corner > Export > click Export Activity Log.

The data room log, in the .CSV format, will be sent to your email.

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