One-time file links are file links shared privately with a URL that can be accessed just once. You can create one-time file links by using Digify’s self-destruct feature. You can set the timer depending on how long you want the file to be accessible. Once your recipient accesses the file, the self-destruct timer will then start. When the timer elapses, your recipient will no longer be able to access the file on the browser.

You can create one-time file links for the following file formats:

  • PDF

  • MS Office documents

  • Images

  • Videos

How To Create One-Time Links

  1. Select the file you want to share.

  2. Choose your download and print permissions.

Note that if you allow download and your recipient downloaded the file during the allotted time, recipient will be able to access the file on their computer even after the timer elapses.

3. In Expiry, select Self-destruct after opening.

4. Set the self-destruct timer.

5. In Access, select Only people I specify or Only whitelisted domains.

6. Once you’ve set up the file permissions, send the file.

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