If you're trying to send a file to anyone with the link (no email verification) with self-destruct enabled, you'll see this warning.

Self-destruct will only apply the first time the file is viewed

When Access is set to "Anyone with the Link (No email verification)", anyone with the link will be able to access your file.

None of the recipients who access your file will be required to verify their email address. Therefore, our system will not be able to differentiate between each unique recipient, and correspondingly, assign a self-destruct timer to each recipient.

As such, the self-destruct timer will start the first time the file is viewed. When the file self-destructs, it will no longer be accessible to anyone.

How to enable self-destruct for multiple recipients

Option 1: Require each recipient to verify their email address

If you want a file to self-destruct at different times for multiple recipients, you must require each recipient to verify their email address to access the file.

Under Access, select one of the following settings:

  • Only people I specify

  • Only people from domains I specify

  • Anyone with the link (email verification)

Option 2: Send multiple links

Alternatively, you can send separate, one-time links to each recipient. Each file link will then have its own self-destruct timer.

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