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Sell ebooks and PDFs on Shopify and send it as a secure Digify file
Sell ebooks and PDFs on Shopify and send it as a secure Digify file

Set up this Zap to automatically send the file securely to your customers via Digify, after your customer has made a purchase.

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If you’re selling ebooks, training manuals or other digital materials, this Zap will help to automatically send the file to your customers via Digify, after they have made a purchase through an e-commerce platform such as Shopify.

Alternative e-commerce platforms integrated with Zapier include WooCommerce, Gumroad, Magento, Ecwid.

First, you will need to set up the Digify integration in Zapier. Refer to this guide.

What does this Zap do?

Trigger: New paid order in Shopify (Triggers whenever a new purchase is "paid")

Action 1: Add a recipient to a Digify file (Invite a recipient to a specific sent file)

Action 2: Send an email from Gmail (Notify recipient and send the file link)

How to create this Zap

Step 1: Set up a Trigger from Shopify

1. Select Shopify (or any other e-commerce platforms) as the trigger app and choose the event “New paid order”

2. Connect your Shopify account and edit the event details. See more details about the Shopify integration.

3. Test the trigger before moving on the the next section.

Step 2: Add the recipient to an existing Digify file.

1. Select Digify as the action app and choose the event “Add a recipient”.

3. Under “Customize Recipient”, choose the Digify file you want to send and indicate the Recipient Email. The data for the recipient email should come from the Shopify paid order.

4. Test the action before continuing to the last section.

Step 3: Select an email service such as Gmail to trigger an invite notification

1. Choose an app such as Gmail and select the event "Send email".

2. Connect your Gmail account.

3. Customize the email.

  • In the "To" field, indicate the recipient's email. It should correspond to the email details of the Shopify paid order.

  • Craft a custom email subject and body. It should contain the recipient's email and the document link as shown in the example below.

4. Test your zap thoroughly before switching it on.

Learn more

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2. Create your own Zaps using Digify triggers and actions.

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