If you experienced an error when accessing a Digify file link, it could be either that the file link is invalid/suspended, or there might be a corporate firewall that is affecting your access to our service.

How does a corporate firewall affect your access to Digify

When accessing Digify links, a series of HTTP network requests with an additional layer of security headers will be sent out to authenticate the user. These security headers are needed to protect the confidential documents from malicious hackers by making sure only the intended recipients will be able to access and view the documents.

Certain corporate networks have firewalls or proxies that may remove the required security headers. Since Digify is unable to retrieve and process the security headers, our system will not be able to authenticate the user.

When you encounter such an issue, we would suggest accessing the link from a different network as an initial troubleshooting step to eliminate the possibility of header filtering by your corporate network.

To see if your corporate firewall is blocking access to Digify, we have provided an active Digify test link here:


Note: This file link is specially configured to be accessible by using your existing Digify account or your personal email address.

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