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How to disable "Print to PDF" option in browser
How to disable "Print to PDF" option in browser
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If you've enabled printing for your files, your recipients may be able to select the "Print to PDF" option in their browser's print dialog box. This option enables them to download the file as a PDF file.

Is it possible to disable this option for my recipients?

Currently, it isn't possible for any web application to control the print dialog box of a browser. In addition, a PDF printer driver emulates a normal printer fully, making it impossible to distinguish for the operating system.

Are there any alternatives?

Please note that if printing is enabled for the file, your recipients will already be able to scan the printed document into their computer as a PDF file.

Hence, if you need to enable printing for your recipients, we recommend enabling Dynamic Watermark. You may set the watermark to display your recipients' emails on the document. This will discourage your recipients from unauthorized distribution of your documents.

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