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"Some uploaded file formats cannot be protected/printed" error message
"Some uploaded file formats cannot be protected/printed" error message
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If you've chosen a Permission or security setting (e.g. Expiry, Dynamic Watermark) that is incompatible with your uploaded files, you won't be able to send your files.

In such cases, you'll see an error message stating, "Some uploaded file formats cannot be protected/printed."

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Why am I seeing the error message "Some uploaded file formats cannot be protected"?

Due to the technical design of certain file formats and how they are processed by our system, certain file formats are incompatible with some settings.

To understand why you're seeing this error message, please check for the following:

You may have uploaded one or more video/audio files

  • Incompatible file permissions: Allow Print (Video/audio files can't be printed.)

  • E.g. .mp4, .mov, .mp3, .wma

You may have uploaded unsupported file formats (.zip, .dwg, .psd)

  • Incompatible file permissions: No Download (These files cannot be previewed in our file viewer.)

  • Incompatible security settings: Dynamic Watermark, Screen Shield and Expiry

  • E.g. .zip, .dwg (AutoCAD) and .psd (Adobe Photoshop).

Note: The above also applies to Document Security Presets. If you're uploading video files or unsupported file formats, please ensure your presets don't have any of the incompatible settings specified above.

If your presets are incompatible with your file formats, select Preset: Custom instead. This will allow you to choose your own option for each of the settings. If you don't see Preset: Custom as one of the options, please contact your admin. How to create and edit presets

How to resolve this error?

Option 1: Disable the incompatible security settings

If you're uploading a video file, ensure Permission is set to No Print.

If you're uploading an unsupported file format, ensure:

  • Dynamic Watermark, Screen Shield, and Expiry are set to Off

  • Permission is set to Allow Download

Option 2: Upload another file with a compatible file format

If you wish to set the Permission to Allow Print, or turn on the Dynamic Watermark, Screen Shield, or Expiry feature, you must upload the file in a different format that can be printed (e.g. .doc, .ppt, .pdf).

Note: When sending multiple files of different formats in the same batch, you must choose security settings and permissions that are compatible with all files in that batch.

If you wish to set varying security settings and permissions for different files, please send these files one at a time or divide these files into different batches based on their file format.

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