What Are Terms Of Access

Similar to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the Terms of Access allow data room owners to protect intellectual property information and trade secrets. The Terms of Access can outline the confidentiality of the information being shared in a data room and that receiving parties agree not to disclose information covered by the Terms of Access. 

The Terms of Access feature is available for Team and Enterprise.

Enabling Terms Of Access

Data room owners can enable the Terms of Access feature upon creating a data room. After a data room has been created, data room owners and co-owners can turn this feature on or off anytime by going to the specific Data Room > Change Data Room Settings.

Once the Terms of Access feature have been enabled for a particular data room, invited users will be required to agree to the Terms of Access upon login before they can access the data room.

Updating The Terms Of Access Template

A team can use one "Terms of Access" template for all data rooms owned by its team members. 

Editing or changing the Terms of Access template will mean updating all Terms of Access in existing data rooms. Invited users will be prompted to agree to the Terms of Access upon every login before they can access the specific data room.

To edit or change the Terms of Access template, the team admins can

  1. Go to Team Settings > Admin tab.

  2. Find the option to Change Terms of Access (for Data Rooms) and click Expand.

  3. Edit or change the template then click save to confirm the changes.

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