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Error when inviting a data room guest as a co-owner
Error when inviting a data room guest as a co-owner
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If you see the following error message when attempting to invite a guest to your data room as a co-owner, it means that the guest is not a member of your team and cannot be made co-owner of your data room.

For security reasons, co-owners of your data rooms must be members on your team, as co-owners can manage data room settings, invite new guests, and view the data room analytics.

How to resolve this error

If you want to invite a data room guest as a co-owner, this guest must be a member of your Digify team. Otherwise, they must be added to your Digify team. This can only be done by admins of your team.

If you're an admin, here's how to add a member to your Digify team.

Step 1: From your dashboard, click on your name and avatar in the top-right corner. In the dropdown menu, select Admin Settings.

Step 2: You'll be directed to the Admin Settings page. Click on Member.

Step 3: Here, you'll be able to see how many available member licenses you have left on your Digify team.

If you have available member licenses, enter the person's email address under Invite member and select a Permission that will be assigned to them in the team. Once done, click on the Invite button.

If you don't have any available member licenses left, you will need to either remove a member from your team or purchase add-ons to add more users to your Digify team.

Step 4: The new member on your team will receive an email invitation to join your Digify team. Please ensure that they click on the link in the email to accept the invitation.

Once the member has accepted the invite, the data room owner will be able to invite the member to the data room as a co-owner.

Note: Adding someone as a member in your team does not automatically give them access to data rooms that you or anyone else on your team owns. If you want a member of your team to have access to your data room, you will need to invite them as a guest. How to invite guests to a data room

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