If you see the following screen when you invite a guest to your data room as a co-owner, the guest is not a member of your team.

For security reasons, co-owners must be members of your team as they are able to manage the data room settings, invite new guests, and view the data room statistics.

How to Resolve This Error

If your intent is to have a someone not on your account become a co-owner, you will need a team admin to invite the guest to your team first:

  1. Log into Digify as the team admin. If you are not the team admin, please get your team admin to do so.

  2. Click on the name on the top right-hand corner and select Admin Settings.

3. Under the Member tab, invite the person who will be given the co-owner role to the team as a user.

4. Have the new user check their email inbox and accept the team invite.

5. After accepting the invite, the data room owner will be able to invite the user to the data room as a co-owner.

Note: If you do not have sufficient user quota on your account, you may need to purchase additional user quota.

If you need further assistance, contact us at support@digify.com.

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