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Why can't my team member see or access my data room?
Why can't my team member see or access my data room?
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Digify's virtual data rooms are designed to give data room owners full control over their sensitive documents, so they may share confidential information securely.

As such, data room owners have full control over who may or may not access their data rooms. To allow someone to access a data room, the owner must add this person to the data room as a guest. This includes members who are on the same team as the data room owner.

In other words, being members of the same team on Digify does not automatically give you access to one other's data rooms.

If you'd like a fellow member on your team to be able to access your data room, please add them as a guest. For a step-by-step guide on how to add guests to your data room, please refer to this article.

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