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Adding guests to a data room
Adding guests to a data room
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If you're a data room owner or co-owner, you can add guests to your data room. These guests will then be able to access your data room on any browser.

Step 1: Sign in to your Digify account.

Step 2: Enter your data room. Click on GUESTS in the top-right.

Step 3: Click on the Add guest button.

Step 4: Enter the email address of your intended guest under Invitation, then click the Add Email button.

If you wish to invite multiple guests, click on Bulk Invitation to copy and paste multiple email addresses in one go. Once done, click on the Add button.

💡 Pro Tip: You can remove data room guests at any time after inviting them. From your data room, go to Guests, then right-click on the guest you want to remove, and select Remove Guest. You can also remove multiple guests in one go. Learn more

Step 5: Under Permission, select a suitable role permission that will apply to all of the guests you are currently inviting to the data room. This will apply to all folders and files that they can access in the data room.

Step 6: Under Access Expiry, select "Expire on a fixed date & time" if you wish to specify when access for these guests should start and end.

💡 Pro Tip: Access Expiry can be useful if you want invited guests to access your data room for a limited period but don't want to set the data room to expire. You'll then be able to keep inviting new guests to the same data room and set their access to expire accordingly.

Alternatively, leave Access Expiry to the default setting "Off". You'll still be able to remove the guests later on, or temporarily revoke access for these guests if needed.

Step 7: Under Message, you may add an optional message to the guests you are currently inviting to the data room.

If you wish to send out an email notification to your invited guests, click on the Add & send notification button. Your message, if any, will be included in the email notification.

Otherwise, leave the Message field blank and click on Add & skip notification.

Step 8: Once done, you may click Return to guest list to find your invited guests.

Sending a single file? Use Document Security instead.

Digify's data rooms are designed to provide professionals and companies a secure way to collaborate and send information. By using data rooms, you can give your guests access to your data room to access your trade secrets and intellectual property information.

Data rooms are not optimized for sending a single file. In such cases, we would recommend using our Document Security tool instead.

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