💡 Note: Excel What-If Analysis is available on all paid plans.

When enabled in a data room, Excel What-If Analysis allows your guests to:

✅ View, modify, copy & paste cell values, one cell at a time

✅ View, modify, copy & paste underlying cell formulae, one cell at a time

✅ Sort & filter cell values

However, they will not be able to:

❌ Copy, cut and/or paste the entire spreadsheet in one go

❌ Save their changes or update the file version

❌ Download their changes (even if the guest has the Download (Original) or Download (PDF) permission for the file. They will only be able to download the file as it was uploaded to the data room.)

Supported file formats for this feature include .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, .ODS and .TSV.

Here's a quick demo:

How to enable/disable Excel What-If Analysis

You must be the data room owner or a co-owner to enable or disable Excel What-If Analysis for an existing data room.

Step 1: Enter the data room for which you want to enable or disable Excel What-If Analysis.

If you wish to enable Excel What-If Analysis for a new data room that you're creating, skip this step and go straight to Step 3.

Step 2: Click on SETTINGS in the top-right corner.

Step 3: You'll be directed to the Data Room Settings page. Scroll down until you see Advanced Settings.

If you're creating a new data room, select your desired data room settings then scroll down until you see Advanced Settings.

If the toggle for Advanced Settings is green, it means you are currently using the default advanced settings. If so, click on the toggle to disable using the default advanced settings (it should turn gray).

Step 4: A sub-section should appear. Click on the toggle directly under Excel What-If Analysis to enable the feature. A green toggle indicates that the feature is enabled.

Step 5: Scroll further down to the bottom of the Data Room Settings page or Create Data Room page.

Click on the Save button to update your data room settings, or click on the Create data room button to create your new data room.

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