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What are Groups & Granular Permissions?
What are Groups & Granular Permissions?
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When used together, Groups and Granular Permissions can help to speed up your workflow while giving you ease of control over who can access your data room files and folders.

Here's a quick introduction to these two features.

Manage guest permissions quickly with Groups

Available on all paid plans.

Instead of modifying permissions one guest at a time, you can create a group for guests who should all have the same permissions. Then, assign a permission to all of these guests at once, by assigning a permission to the group.

For example, if you're using Digify for due diligence, you may wish to group your data room guests by company. Guests from Company #1 can be grouped together, while guests from Company #2 can be in a different group.

Customize file & folder permissions with Granular Permissions

Different guests may require varying levels of access to specific files and folders. With Folder-Level Granular Permissions and File-Level Granular Permissions, you get to control and tailor a guest or group's view, print, and download rights as you wish.

  • Folder-Level Granular Permissions: Define permissions by folders only. You will not be able to define permissions by file.
    Available on all paid plans.

  • File-Level Granular Permissions: Define permissions by file and by folder. This allows you to set different permissions for a folder and its nested files.
    Available on Team plans and above.

This feature is especially useful when combined with Groups.

For example, you can allow Group A to view only selected files and/or folders in the data room. Meanwhile, Group B has permissions to download (or even print) your selected files and/or folders.

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