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Folder-Level & File-Level Granular Permissions
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Different guests may require varying levels of access to specific files and folders. With Folder-Level Granular Permissions and File-Level Granular Permissions, you can control and tailor a guest/group's view, print, and download rights as you wish.

Note: Folder-Level Granular Permissions is available on all paid plans. File-Level Granular Permissions is only available on Team plans and above, for plans that were activated after June 12, 2019.

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How to set File- or Folder-Level Granular Permissions

There are two ways to view the Granular Permissions for your data room.

Option 1: Enter the data room. Right-click on any folder/file (or click on the 3 dots next to the file/folder) and select "Manage Access".

Option 2: Enter the data room. Click on Guests in the top-right corner. Under Permissions in the left sidebar, click on Overview.

💡 Pro Tip: Granular Permissions can be especially useful when combined with Groups. Use both features to assign the same permissions to different groups of data room guests, down to each folder or each file. Learn how to create groups and add guests to groups

What happens when you set a parent folder to "Edit"

When setting Granular Permissions, if you set a parent folder's permissions for a data room guest or group to "Edit", you won't be able to set a different permission for all files and folders within that parent folder.

If a guest or group has Edit permissions for a folder, this means they can add files to the folder and make changes such as creating subfolders within the folder. As such, they must also have Edit permissions to all files and subfolders in the folder.

If you want define File-Level Granular Permissions for your guests or groups throughout your data room, please ensure that the Granular Permissions for your data room is not set to "Edit". Learn more

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