New File Notifications let you notify everyone in the data room whenever new files are added by either the data room owner, co-owner, or contributor

Only the Team/Enterprise data room owners can enable this feature upon creating a data room or changing the data room settings.

You can choose between the following options:

  • Select Off if you do not want any email notifications to be sent out whenever new files are uploaded to your data room. 
  • Select Ask if you want the system to prompt the person (owner/co-owner/contributor) uploading new files if an email notification is necessary.
  • Select On if you want the system to automatically send email notifications each time new files are uploaded to your data room.

How Data Room Users Can Mute or Unmute New File Notifications

Data room users have an option to mute or unmute new file notifications for specific data rooms.

  1. Go to the specific data room.
  2. Click on More options.
  3. Click Mute Notifications or Unmute Notifications.

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