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New File Notifications is a feature that enables you to notify your data room guests whenever new files are added.

Only the data room owner and co-owners can enable, disable or change the settings for this feature, either when creating a data room or when changing the data room settings.

Under New File Notifications, you can choose one of the following settings:

  • Ask me every time: Whenever new files are added or uploaded to the data room, a pop-up will always appear to ask the uploader if they want to notify all data room guests via an email notification.

  • Don’t send: No email notifications will be sent to any data room guests when new files are uploaded to your data room.

  • Always send: Email notifications will always be sent automatically to all data room guests every time new files are uploaded to your data room.

To prevent overwhelming your data room guests, email notifications will not be sent out immediately after new files are uploaded. Instead, the email notifications will be sent out in a consolidated manner at the 0th and 30th minute of every hour.

Note: If you have New File Notifications enabled for your data room, but didn't receive any notifications, the email delivery could be pending.

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