V4.19.0 Release Notes

2FA & Data Room Banner improvements

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Date of release: Feb 9, 2023

Create a data room banner with your logo

You can now create your own data room banner by uploading your logo image and selecting a background color.

Plus, you can now adjust the size of your logo in the banner image editor, so that it fits within the banner image. Learn more →

Enforce 2FA improvements

Admins can now manage Enforce 2FA for their entire team and manage 2FA for individual members in Admin Settings > Members.

We've also updated the names of the various 2FA statuses for more clarity. Learn more →

All other updates

  • We've updated the way video bandwidth usage is tracked, for a more accurate detection of video bandwidth usage when a recipient or guest plays a video in the file viewer.

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed issue faced by some Legacy users not being able to restore accounts of team members who were scheduled for account deletion

    • Fixed bug that allowed admins to select team members whose accounts have been scheduled for deletion when transferring files to another member

    • Fixed file upload API so that it also supports audio files, specifically .MP3, .WMA, .WAV

    • Fixed issue faced by file recipients who encounter an error when accessing files with no file extensions via API

  • Minor UX/UI changes, including:

    • Updated "Video bandwidth" to "Media bandwidth" to also include audio files

    • Updated copy for Transfer Data Room Ownership (in Data Room Settings > Advanced) for clarity

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