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Introducing Tripwire Alerts
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We are excited to introduce Tripwire Alerts, our latest feature designed to strengthen the security of your files and data rooms.

With Tripwire Alerts, you gain the ability to detect and respond to potential account-sharing behavior within your files and data rooms. Instances of logins from multiple browsers and devices can indicate unauthorized access or the sharing of user accounts. By being promptly informed about these activities, you can take immediate action to safeguard your sensitive information.

How to Use Tripwire Alerts

Receive Timely Notifications: An email notification will be sent to you when suspicious browsing behavior is detected for your recipients.

Review File Analytics: You can determine the nature and extent of any suspicious activity by reviewing the information provided in the alerts or via the file/data room analytics:

Take Necessary Actions: Based on your assessment, you may take appropriate measures to protect your documents, such as revoking access:

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