There is no limit as to how many people you can invite to a specific data room. Invited people will be able to access your data room on any browser.

In the specific data room, click on the Invite People to Data Room icon to find the following options:

  • Link: This is a secure link to your data room. You can copy-and-paste this link to your email or other communication channels, and send directly to your recipients.
  • Who has access: This shows a list of invited people to your data room.
  • Invite more: Invite people to your data room by adding their email address. You can invite more/remove people to/from your data room anytime.
  • User Expiry (For Team/Enterprise only): Specify an expiry for new recipient’s access. This is is useful if you want invited users to only access your data room for a limited period but do not want to set the data room to expire. You will then be able to keep inviting new users to the same data room and expire their access accordingly.
  • Send invitation email: This lets you send an invitation email to users you’re inviting to the data room. Uncheck this option if you’d rather get the link and send it yourself.
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