Role Permissions allow Team and Enterprise data room owners to assign roles to invited users. A data room can have the following roles:

  • Owner: The Team or Enterprise user who created the data room. Note that data room ownership is currently non-transferrable. There can only be one owner for a specific data room. 
  • Co-Owners: Can change the data room settings, manage files, invite and manage recipients, and view data room statistics. The co-owner cannot delete the data room. The co-owner must be a member of the same team or enterprise.
  • Contributors: Can manage files (e.g. add, reorder or delete).
  • Viewers: Can view files. 

The Role Permissions feature is available for Team and Enterprise. For Pro, all invited users that data room owners invite are automatically assigned as viewers.

How To Assign Roles To Invited Users To Data Rooms

  1. Go to the specific data room.
  2. Click the Manage Access icon > Invite More.
  3. Enter the email address/es of the people you want to invite and select a role. Make sure to batch them according to the role that you want to assign.

[Optional] Specify the User Expiry if you want invited people to only be able to access your data room for a limited time. (Date and time are based on your browser’s timezone).

   4. Decide if you want to send an invitation email to invite people to your data room and check or uncheck the box accordingly.
   5. Click Submit.

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