As a Data room Owner, you have the option to transfer the ownership of your data room to an existing Co-Owner of the same data room. If there are no Co-Owners in your data room at the moment, you can refer to these guides on how to invite people and assign them as Co-Owner of your data room.

This feature is only available to Team and Enterprise.

How to Transfer Data Room Ownership

1. Go to the specific data room

2. Click on the Invite People to Data Room icon

3. In the Who has access section, scroll to the Co-Owner whom you wish to transfer the data room ownership to and click the Edit permission icon.

4. Select Owner in the role permission dropdown and confirm this by checking the box and then Save.

5. Your role permission will automatically be changed to Co-Owner. If needed, you can opt to leave the data room by selecting Remove My Access from the menu.

Once you transfer the ownership of the data room to someone else, you will not be able to take back the ownership from them. The new Owner may decide to remove your access, delete the data room, or transfer the ownership of the data room to another Co-Owner.

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