Data room owners and co-owners can invite people to their data room anytime. You can invite up to 50 or more users depending on your plan. Invited people will be able to access your data room on any browser.

In the specific data room, click on the Invite People to Data Room icon to find the following options:

  • Invite More: Invite people to your data room by adding their email address. You can invite more to/remove people from your data room anytime. 

  • Message: You can add a message to go in the Notification Email that our system will send to your recipients if you choose to send a notification. You may skip this part if you prefer to notify your recipients directly.

  • Role permission (UPDATED): Data room owners/co-owners can assign role permissions to data room recipients and define whether print or download are allowed.

Each recipient can be assigned one role, which is applicable all accessible folders and files the specific data room.

For example, let’s say you invite to your data room and assigned “View + Print” permissions. You will have the option to set the number of times he can print the files or simply leave it blank for “no limit”. will then be able to view and print files within the data room folders that you allow him to access. (Find out how to manage access on the folder level using granular permissions). 

Note: For data rooms created before August 20, 2018, the role permissions will still follow the previous Co-Owner, Contributor and Viewer options; and the print and download permissions can be managed by under the Change Data Room Settings.

  • User expiry (For Team/Enterprise): Specify an expiry for new recipient’s access. This is useful if you want invited users to access your data room for a limited period but do not want to set the data room to expire. You will then be able to keep inviting new users to the same data room and expire their access accordingly. 

  • Send or Skip Notification: Select Add & Skip Notification if you prefer that recipients don’t receive any notification emails. In which case, you can get the data room link and send it to them separately. Select Add & Send Notification and a notification email containing the data room link will be automatically sent to the specific recipient/s you’re inviting. (See how recipients access the data room)

How to Know Who Has Access to Your Data Room

The list of people who currently has access to the data room can also be found under the Invite People to Data Room section. Data room owners/co-owners can edit the role permissions per recipient or revoke access anytime.

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