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Create new leads in Salesforce triggered by Digify document views
Create new leads in Salesforce triggered by Digify document views

Set up this Zap to automatically create a record in Salesforce once they've downloaded, printed or viewed the file

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If you’re using Salesforce as a CRM, this Zap will help to automatically create a record within Salesforce after someone has viewed, downloaded or printed the file within Digify.

First, you will need to set up the Digify integration in Zapier. Refer to this guide.

What does this Zap do?

Trigger: New View in Digify

Action: Create Record in Salesforce

Note: This applies to all documents uploaded under Document Security only, not for Data Rooms.

How to create this Zap

Step 1: Set up a Trigger from Digify

1. Set Digify as the trigger app and choose the event "New View in Digify".

3. Test the trigger before moving on the the next section.

Step 2: Add the Salesforce action to create a new record

4. In the next section, set Salesforce as the action app and select "Create record" as the event to be done.

5. Connect your Salesforce account to Zapier

6. Choose which information from Digify you want sent to Salesforce. Below is an example: [Salesforce Object: Lead] [Last Name: Kamens] [First Name: Sydney]

7. Test your Zap before switching it on. Test your zap before switching it on. A successful zap should create a lead on Salesforce that looks something like this:

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