To keep control of files after sending, we recommend disabling printing or download in Digify. If you have to enable printing of the document in Digify, these are potential drawbacks:

  • Printed and downloaded copies cannot be protected or tracked.

  • The self-destruct timer or expiry date will not apply to printed and downloaded copies.

  • Printed copies can be rescanned into a PDF or photocopied. Even if just one copy is printed/downloaded, recipients can scan the physical copy into their computer as a PDF file, or make photocopies of the copy.

  • Recipients can print to a PDF printer (save as PDF in some browsers' print dialog). A PDF printer driver emulates a normal printer fully, making it impossible to distinguish from an actual printer for the operating system.

  • Recipients can choose to increase the number of copies in the print dialog box in the browser. It is not possible for any web app to restrict or disable any option in the print dialog box of the browser. In Digify you can restrict only the number of times a document is sent to the printer.

If you must enable printing/download for your recipients, we recommend enabling the dynamic watermarking feature as a deterrent to limit the spread of the printed/downloaded document.

When enabled, your recipients' emails will be automatically stamped on the document. This will help discourage your recipients from distributing the physical copy, or scanning the printed copy into their computers and sharing the documents.

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