What Is the Data Room About Page*?

The Data Room About Page is a feature designed to help improve communication between you and your data room guests.

Have you ever had to send a PDF to introduce your data room project to your guests? Now, you can now add the introduction or even a video to your Data Room About Page instead of sending another PDF file.

To create a great About Page, we recommend adding an introduction to the data room, visually appealing graphics, an FAQ section, and shortcut links to important files/folders.

This feature is available for Team, Business and Enterprise Plans only. It is not available for Legacy Team Plans activated before June 12, 2019.

How to Enable About Page for your Data Room

To enable the About Page, you can either:

  • Turn on the About Page option when you create the data room.

  • Alternatively, you can change the data room settings by clicking on the Settings tab on the top-right hand corner of your data room, and updating the About Page settings.

Customize your About Page

Once you have enabled the About Page for the first time, you will find that the About Page only has the default content with basic instructions to personalize your About Page.

As such, to enhance the data room experience for your guests, you should customize your About Page. To start,

  1. Select the About tab in your data room

  2. Click the Edit page button

  3. Start editing!

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