If a folder has the "Contributor" permission, you will not be able to set a different permission for its files and sub-folders.

If a guest has "Contributor" permission for a folder, then the guest is allowed to upload files to the folder and manage files within the folder.

As such, the guest's permission for the folder's files and sub-folders must also be "Contributor".

Important note for file-level permissions

If you want define file-level permissions for your data room guests, please ensure that the overall data room is not set to "Contributor".

To check for this, please enter your data room > click on Guests in top-right corner > click on Overview in the left sidebar.

You'll be directed to the Granular Permissions overview. Ensure that you're viewing by guests/groups (dropdown in the top-left corner).

Hover over the first row, where your data room name is. This is where the overall data room permission is defined.

To ensure that it is not set to "Contributor", there should not be a green tick under the Contributor column.

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