Banner image recommended specifications:

  • Width-to-height ratio of 16:1

  • Dimensions of 1440 x 90 pixels

  • .JPG or .PNG file

  • Less than 1 MB

Here's what a banner image should look like in terms of its dimensions:

Note: Sides of your data room banner will not be visible on smaller screens, due to automatic resizing by the browser or device. Learn more

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Can I use my logo as my data room banner?

This is not recommended.

Most logos are not set to the recommended banner image dimensions of 1440 x 90 pixels. As such, the resulting banner will appear stretched and/or distorted.

Instead, if you're the admin for your team on Digify, consider uploading your company logo in your Admin Settings. This will appear across the Digify platform, including all data rooms owned by you and your team members. Learn more

Alternatively, if you still wish to use your logo as your data room banner, you may use MS PowerPoint to create a banner with the recommended specifications. Learn more

How to create a data room banner with MS PowerPoint

If you have MS PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can easily create a banner for your data room. You can also use PowerPoint online here.

Step 1: Open up MS PowerPoint and start a new slide. Under Slide Layout, choose Blank.

Step 2: Go to Design, click on Slide Size, and select Custom Slide Size.

Step 3: In the pop-up that appears, under Slides sized for, select Customized.

Then, adjust Width to 64 cm (or 25") and Height to 4 cm (or 1.5"). Click OK to confirm.

Step 4: The PowerPoint slide should now be in the shape of a banner. Now, you can add your desired elements (text or images) to the slide.

💡 Pro Tip: If you're inserting a logo or text, ensure it is centered.

Step 5: Once done, go to File, click on Save As or Save a copy.

Under file type, we recommend saving the file as a PNG Portable Network Graphic (.png) format for better image resolution. Alternatively, you may save the file as a .jpg image.

Step 6: After your banner is saved as a PNG file, follow the steps in this article to change your data room banner.

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