How to access files with expiry
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If the file you received on Digify has an expiry date and time, or will expire after opening, that means the file owner has granted you access to the file for a limited time only.

You may access the file as many times you wish expire the file expires. However, once the countdown timer has lapsed, or once the file has passed its specified expiry date and time, you will no longer be able to access the file.

If you wish to access the file after it has expired, please contact the file owner.

How to know if a file will expire

To see if a file will expire, check the bottom-right-hand corner in the file viewer.

If the file has an expiry date and time, you'll see the expiry date and time.

If the file will expire after opening, you'll see a countdown timer with the amount of time you have left to view the file.

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