Files sent via confidential file sharing service Digify are AES-256 encrypted and protected for the privacy of both the sender and the recipient. Upon sharing a file, the sender will set the security settings and share it with recipients through a secure link. 

How To View Files Sent Via Digify
You can access a file sent to you via Digify on any browser. 

  1. Click on the Digify link shared by the sender. In some cases, this link can be sent to you via Digify email notification from the sender. 
  2. Depending on the security settings used by the sender, you may be asked to enter any of the following:

                a. Your email address only;

                b. Your email address and a verification code (note: the verification code will be sent right after you have entered your email address);

                c. Your email address and password (if you have an existing Digify account);

                d. A passkey that the sender will giving you directly

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