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Secure your PDFs, e-books for online selling with Digify’s DRM
Secure your PDFs, e-books for online selling with Digify’s DRM

Our built-in digital rights management features help you retain control of your IP

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Digify has built-in digital rights management (DRM) features that help you secure your intellectual property materials (e.g. PDFs, eBooks, training materials, market research, modules, and reports) for online selling.

With Digify’s DRM, your customers can have reasonable access to your materials without you losing control of your intellectual property.

Our DRM features are available on all subscription plans.

Common Use Cases

You can securely send intellectual property information and invite multiple recipients depending on your needs. Digify is frequently used by companies that produce:

  • e-Publications or eBooks

  • Learning materials and modules

  • Training documents

  • Market research and reports

  • Compliance and regulatory documents

Our DRM Features

Protection From Copying

Files secured via Digify are, by default, copy-protected, which means texts cannot be selected or copied and pasted. This means your content is safe from being copied and sent elsewhere. With Digify, files are only accessible via our secure file viewer where right-click options are disabled. 

On top of that, you also have the option to:

Control Access to Your Files

Files sent via Digify are accessible via a secure link which can be opened with most browsers. Unlike some DRM solutions, if you send a file via Digify, your customers don't need to download a separate app or plug-in to access your file. 

You can control who can access your file. For instance, if you want to give access to paid customers only, you can set the Access to Only people I specify and only specific email addresses will be able to view your file. If the link is sent to someone you didn't grant access to, they won't be able to view the file. 

You can also revoke a recipient's access to your file any time, even after you’ve sent the file. Read more about revoking access

Send Files Securely

You can choose to grant access to individual files (using Document Security) or multiple files (using the Data Rooms). If you wish to grant access to an individual file, you can use Document Security feature, where you can make a secure link for every file you upload. 

If you want to grant access to multiple files at the same time, you can instead use our Data Rooms feature to create a secure online file repository and upload as many files into the data room as needed. With this, you can then invite your customers as guests to your data room so they can access the files in it.

Within a single data room, you can also set varying permissions for different guests, giving you full control over the permissions for each guest. For example, if you'd like to allow one customer to print one of the files in your data room, you can grant the customer printing permissions without having to grant the same permissions to every other customer.

Track Who Viewed Your Files

Whether you’re using Document Security or Data Rooms, Digify’s tracking features lets you know who viewed your files, where they viewed them from, and for how long. You'll also know how many times your files have been viewed, printed, or downloaded and by whom.

Automate Processes via API

An API add-on is available if you wish to automate generating secure links to your files. This will allow your developer to integrate secure file sending and digital rights management functionalities into your website or app.

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