If you're seeing the "Some features do not match your plan" message, this means some features that were previously enabled for this data room are no longer available. This is because you were previously on a free trial, Team or Business Plan, and have since switched to the Pro Plan.

Features that are not available on the Pro Plan include Dynamic Watermark, Screen Shield and File-Level Granular Permissions.

These features will be disabled for the data room after a 7-day grace period.

At the end of the 7-day grace period

If Dynamic Watermark was previously enabled, all files in the data room will no longer be watermarked when viewed, printed or downloaded.

If Screen Shield was previously enabled, all files in the data room will no longer be protected by Screen Shield in the file viewer.

If File-Level Granular Permissions was previously used to grant guests and/or groups specific permissions at the file level, these files will have their permissions changed to follow their respective parent folders instead.

Want to keep these premium features?

If you only wish to keep Dynamic Watermark and/or Screen Shield, you may go to Admin Settings to purchase additional add-ons for your Pro Plan.

If you wish to keep all three premium features, please go here to upgrade your plan by selecting either the Team or Business Plan.

Need more help? Drop us a message at support@digify.com.

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