As a data room owner or co-owner, you can include any guest in a question. This means you and your co-owners can see the names and email domains of all guests in the data room when adding guests to a question.

Will my guests be able to see the names of other guests when using Q&A?

This depends on your Q&A settings. If your Q&A is set to:

  • Owner & co-owners only, none of your guests can include any other guest in a question. As such, they won't be able to see the data room guest list at all.

  • Owner, co-owners & people in the same group, only guests within the same Group can include each other in a question. As such, only guests in the same Group can see each other on the guest list.

  • Everyone, all guests can include any guest they want in a question. Therefore, they will be able to see your entire guest list.

What else should I take note of?

  • If your Q&A setting allows your guests to include other guests in a question, this enables them to search for another guest by name. Your guests won't be able to see the full email address of searchable guests, only their email domains.

  • There is a separate data room setting called Guest List, which allows you to Show or Hide your data room's guest list from your guests. By default, this setting is set to Hide.

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