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What is a virtual data room?
What is a virtual data room?
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More commonly known in high-security industries, virtual data rooms are used to keep confidential business information secure and within control.

Despite the high costs and complexity, data rooms have become the standard solution, particularly in managing partnerships, deals and business growth.

Digify's virtual data rooms

We’ve created virtual data rooms on Digify to provide professionals and companies a secure way of sending information — at just a fraction of the cost of traditional data rooms.

By using data rooms, you can be confident that your trade secrets and intellectual property information are only being accessed by authorized people and that your documents are being used according to your rules and permissions.

Common data room use cases

With Digify, you can create multiple data rooms and invite recipients depending on your use case. Some common use cases for virtual data rooms are:

  • Buyer/Seller Due Diligence

  • Merger & Acquisition

  • Startup Fundraising

  • Preparing for Audits

  • Board/Investor Communication

  • Corporate File Sending & Repository

  • IP Licensing

  • Joint Ventures

Our data rooms are available on Pro, Team and Enterprise plans, with the following features:

If you'd like a demo of how data room works, drop us a message here.

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