Data rooms are available to the Pro, Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. When you create a data room in Digify, you can set the following security settings:

  • Access: For data rooms created after August 20, 2018, you will be able to manage the access on the data room level. Options include Only people I invite, Only people from domains I specify, Anyone with the link (+email verification). Read more about how to Manage Access in Data Room Settings

  • Permissions: For data rooms created before August 20, 2018, the print and download permissions can still be managed under the Data Room Settings. If you don’t see the Permissions section in your data room settings, please go to the Guest section from the top right-hand corner of the selected data room. Read more about how to set print and download permissions in your data room.

  • Data Room Expiry: Set an expiry if you want the data room to only be accessible for a certain period.

  • Terms Of Access: Turn the Terms of Access feature on to require data room recipients to agree with your terms of access (similar to an NDA) upon accessing the data room.

  • Dynamic Watermark: Consider using a watermark if you want to brand your files or simply emphasize the confidentiality of the information you are sharing. For a more secure and professional experience, your recipient’s email address will automatically show in the watermark itself. You can then customize the text, size and color of the watermark according to your needs. See how the Digify watermark works.

  • Screen Shield: Discourage screenshots by reducing the viewable screen area with a watermarked filter. When enabled, recipients need a lot more effort to capture and stitch together the information into a document, as they can only see a portion of the document at a time. With additional security comes increased inconvenience. The recipient’s viewing experience will need more effort to view your document. As such, we recommend using this feature only for highly confidential documents.

  • File Index: Turn the File Index feature on to have the option to change the viewing order of the files in the data room. Your co-owners and contributors can also arrange the order of the files.

  • Guest List: Check the box if you don’t want your individual recipients to see who else was invited to the data room.

  • New Document Notifications: Have the option to send automated New File Notifications to everyone in your data room whenever new files are added. All data room users will have an option to mute the new file notifications on their end.

How To Change Existing Data Room Settings

Data room owners can change the settings of an existing data room anytime. Changes made will be applied in real-time. To change the settings, go to the specific data room:

  1. Go to the specific data room.

  2. On the top right-hand corner, select the Settings tab.

  3. Under the Data Room Settings, change the data room settings, then click the Save button to confirm the changes.

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